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Make new friends
Clubs help children connect with a much wider group of peers, and also improve social skills.
Boosts confidence
Attending a club or class for the first time takes kids out of their comfort zone. It lets them put themselves forward to try something new, and this in itself provides a great confidence boost.
Transferable skills
Clubs and classes are a great way for your child to develop transferable skills that will benefit them in many areas of their life.
Practice makes perfect
Learning a musical instrument is an ideal way for kids to develop their patience and persistence as they commit to practicing their chosen instrument.
Keeps them fit and active
If you’re sick of seeing your child glued to their games console or tablet, a club or class is a great way to seriously cut down on their screen time.
Let off some steam
If your child comes out of school feeling tetchy after being cooped up in the classroom all day, you may both benefit from them doing an after-school club.
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